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AWS Partner Paths for ISVs: Software, services, and more 

If you’re an ISV looking to expand your reach on the AWS Marketplace, getting familiar with AWS Partner Paths is key. This guide provides a comprehensive look at AWS Partner Paths, its advantages for your business, and other relevant paths that could align with your goals. 

Here, we unpack the essentials, offering you a clear roadmap to navigate your AWS partnership effectively and boost your marketplace impact.


What are AWS Partner Paths?

AWS Partner Paths, including the Software Path for ISVs, streamline an organization’s engagement with AWS. Through AWS’s various resources, benefits, and programs, the tech giant helps organizations deliver best-in-class offerings across software, hardware, services, training, and distribution.

Each framework provides a curated journey for organizations, an evolution from AWS’s previous technology and consulting partner type models. 


AWS Partner Paths

  • Software Path:, for ISVs that build solutions that run on or are integrated with AWS
  • Hardware Path:, for companies that build devices that work with AWS
  • Services Path: for organizations that deliver consulting, professional, managed, and value-added resale services
  • Training Path: for organizations that sell, deliver, or incorporate AWS training
  • Distribution Path: for organizations that recruit, onboard, and support partners by building AWS solutions

Can I enroll in multiple AWS Partner Paths?

Yes! You might enroll in the Software Path to optimize your solution, as well as the Services Path to earn partner tier recognition for your solution’s capabilities, if your product is aligned with AWS.


AWS Software Path for ISVs: How to enroll and become an AWS partner

If you’re an ISV looking to get your solution listed, then plan (at a minimum) to enroll in the AWS Software Path. Here’s what that process looks like. 


Join the Amazon Partner Network (APN):

Before you can fully dive into getting started on AWS, you will need to join the AWS Partner Network, or APN for short. It’s free! By becoming part of the APN, you gain access to AWS’s vast range of resources and trainings, which can help you build, market, and sell your services more effectively. This network also connects you with potential customers and partners globally, enhancing your business’s visibility and growth potential.


Enroll in the Software Partner Path:

This path is designed specifically for software vendors and includes resources to help you tailor your products for the AWS Marketplace. Enrolling will provide you with specialized tools and support to optimize your software solutions, aligning them with AWS best practices and customer expectations.


Review your solution’s architecture and your business’s operational practices

As you build your solution, you’ll need to evaluate your app’s security and your business’s operations against AWS’s standards. This will help you find potential problems and improve your solution’s performance.


To help you get started, AWS has prepared a validation checklist.


AWS Foundational Technical Review (FTR)

To ensure your solution is safe for marketplace customers, you will need to pass the AWS Foundational Technical Review, or FTR for short. The FTR helps you identify best practices for your software solution on your own time. It’s self-service and available at any stage of your selling journey. Once approved, your certification is valid for 2 years. And unlike the Salesforce AppExchange, which charges a $1,000 fee for their security review, the AWS FTR is free.


You’ll earn a “Qualified Software” badge and will be listed in the AWS Partner Solutions Finder, which makes your solution easier to find. 


Read AWS’s FTR Guide to help you get started.


AWS Services Path

Depending on what kind of solution you offer, the AWS Services Path might also be a good fit for your solution. To qualify, you will need to:

  • Pay the APN fee: $2,500 per year
  • Individuals in your organization must have AWS Foundational Certificates and AWS Technical Certificates
  • MRR
  • Publicly referenceable customers – 2 for Advanced, 6 for Premier
  • Customer Satisfaction Responses (CSAT) – 20 for Advanced, 30 for Premier 

AWS Services Path Partner tiers and requirements by tier 

  • AWS Select Tier Services Partners
  • AWS Advanced Tier Services Partners
  • AWS Premier Tier Services Partners

Benefits of AWS Partner Paths

  • Programs for co-selling
  • Marketing resources 
  • Badge of honor 
  • Training discounts
  • Business and technical enablement content
  • Mitigate security risks by following best-in-class guidelines
  • Access to AWS Partner Benefit, including AWS Competency Program and AWS ISV Accelerate Program (note: you will need to meet additional requirements for these programs)
  • Programs to help innovate, expand, and differentiate offerings 

Invisory for AWS Marketplace

Whether you’re already listed on AWS Marketplace but not seeing the traction you hoped for, or you’re at the drawing board, needing guidance to become co-sell ready, Invisory is your go-to-market resource. We understand the complexities of the cloud marketplace and are equipped to enhance your presence and success on AWS.

Don’t let challenges slow you down. Partner with Invisory and transform your AWS journey today.


  • What is AWS ISV Accelerate?

    AWS ISV Accelerate helps ISVs turbocharge their co-sell journey. You will need to meet the minimum requirements in order to qualify. You can read more here

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