About us

We help ISVs achieve marketplace success

If you’re busting the idea of business as usual and seeking to leverage the power of the cloud marketplaces to amplify your impact, our team thrives at the leading edge, has the vision to see around corners, and adapts when “shift happens” to help you not only maintain forward momentum, but accelerate it.
Invisory team photo (April 2023)

Our Guiding Principles

Empathy Empowers

We’ve got the EQ to pair with IQ — for us, strong relationships matter.

Curiosity Unleashes

Our insatiable hunger for knowledge sparks breakthroughs and elevates outcomes.

Adapt & Conquer

Shift happens — we are prepared for whatever comes next.

Winning Together

Collaboration is our byword for success, driving maximum performance.

Our Leadership Team

Invisory’s mission is to empower ISVs with a seamless, accelerated, and strategic approach to app listing, launching, and market success.
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Founder & CEO

Patrick Cronan

Nish Mishra headshot
HEAD of Product & Co-Founder

Nish Mishra

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Frank Artale


Doug Rosenbaum

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Sienna Quirk


Jont Kingsepp


Sam Yarborough

Looking to be a part of the next big thing?

Product Designer

Invisory is looking for its first full-time Product Designer to own all aspects of prototyping, wireframing, and handoff to Invisory’s frontend development team for critical roadmap features.


Alliances Success Manager, Salesforce

Invisory is looking for a Salesforce Ecosystem Evangelist to help accelerate our growth. Driving awareness and revenue for ISVs that operate within cloud marketplaces, Invisory helps ISVs streamline their timeline and approach to listing, launching and successfully going to market on major cloud marketplaces.