Invisory for Hyperscaler and CRM Marketplaces

Your Go-to-Market Cloud Platform

Invisory dashboard
Whether you’re looking to accelerate your timeline to launch on a hyperscaler marketplace or increase pipeline on a CRM marketplace, Invisory can help. We help streamline the co-selling process for ISVs looking to launch on Azure, AWS, Salesforce AppExchange, the ServiceNow Store, and other marketplaces.

Invisory for Hyperscaler Marketplaces

Getting listed and transactable on the hyperscaler marketplaces is high-risk and high-cost — but it doesn’t have to be. 
Our workflow tools are designed to simplify listings, offers, app management, and co-selling — saving you time, decreasing risk, and increasing revenue.

Invisory for CRM Marketplaces

Anyone can list their product on a CRM marketplace, but it takes a ton of effort to see real, lasting success.
Build your partner network faster and increase your pipeline by tapping into our marketplace expertise to optimize positioning, sales enablement, and partner success.

Invisory demystifies the selling & co-selling process

Marketplace Command Center

Say goodbye to multiple logins with Invisory’s marketplace dashboard that centralizes all listings, offers, and partner activity.

100% Commission-Free

We never charge a commission or fee on sales — every dollar you make is yours.

Smart Listing

Simplify the product listing process with Invisory’s step-by-step onboarding guidance. Get hands-on, practical advice and walkthroughs to get your product listings live and optimized from the start.

Marketplace Offer Creation

Offers are required to do business in all cloud marketplaces. With Invisory, you can set up your offers to attract the right buyers.

Co-Sell Management

Co-selling is essential for scale, but managing multiple partners can get messy fast. Get a handle on partner relationship management with Invisory’s sales guidance and pipeline initiation and management.

Co-Sell Analytics​

Details matter. Get specific data down to the individual to understand and optimize deal performance and get the most value from your partnerships.

Marketplace Insights

Invisory stays up-to-date on marketplace trends and the latest technology, sharing insights and updating our platform to help you keep your products on the cutting edge.

Rewards & Benefits Access​

Improve partner loyalty with Invisory by making it easy to unlock perks, gain access to valuable incentives, and track marketplace rewards and benefit eligibility.


Knowledge is power. Keep your partner relationship data organized and accessible for everyone on your team. Capture insights and best practices all in one place (not in someone’s head).

Ready to unlock success?