Invisory's Partner Success Tracker

You can’t manage what you can’t measure

Too many ISVs are operating their partner business on Feelings not Facts. It’s time to move beyond how you think a partnership is performing and unlock the power of partnership data inside Salesforce.

Invisory’s Partner Success Tracker, available today on Salesforce AppExchange, helps ISVs uncover partner performance insights at the individual and partner account level from directly inside Salesforce.

Invisory Partner Success Tracker dashboard

Turbocharge your Salesforce Partner relationships with our GTM cloud platform

Drive pipeline

Increase partner-driven pipeline to better understand where opportunities come from at an individual & partner level.

Learn from experts

Harness in-app advice & best next actions based on opportunity stage directly in Salesforce.

Save time

Save your alliances team time & energy by using data to identify where to lean in & where there are new opportunities.

Maintain one source of truth

Track and share co-sell information between Salesforce & your hyperscaler marketplaces like AWS and Azure.

Future proof your strategy

Future proof your partner's success beyond a single individual by tracking contacts & engagement for ecosystem AEs, SEs & SIs inside Salesforce.

Identify new opportunities

Easily identify co-sell opportunities & gaps for next best actions with an SI or ecosystem AE.

Start driving partnership success today

Stop leaving your partner program to chance with feelings and bring facts and partnership data directly into your Salesforce org. 


screenshot of the invisory partner success tracker gtm cloud marketplace platform

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