AWS Marketplace and Why it Matters to ISVs

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Amazon, known as the B2C marketplace of choice, also happens to have the largest cloud marketplace position as well: the AWS Marketplace, where ISVs sell solutions to AWS customers. 

Hyperscalers like AWS, Azure and GCP are investing billions of dollars to scale their third-party cloud marketplaces enabling software providers to list applications that sit on top of hyperscaler infrastructure. 

This channel of purchasing through cloud marketplaces like the AWS Marketplace is fast becoming the preferred method for buyers and sellers due to its streamlined processes that positively impact selling cycles. In fact, Forrester found that sellers on the AWS Marketplace are able to close deals 50% faster.  

Invisory helps ISVs of all sizes and maturities unlock cloud marketplace success. Our one of a kind GTM cloud platform gives users the power to list, co-sell, create private offers, track metering and transact without the heavy resources required to manage on your own. And since listing is just the beginning, Invisory has expertly built go-to-market resources, playbooks, and automated GTM deliverables like one pagers and messaging guides to help ISVs rise above the noise.

Turbocharge your AWS Marketplace GTM strategy with Invisory's platform

Accelerate your timeline

Getting up and running on AWS Marketplace is time consuming and a drain on resources. Save time and decrease risk with our simplified listing, app management, and co-selling workflow tools.

Work smarter

Manage your listings, co-selling, private offers, and offer activities on all AWS and other hyperscaler marketplaces, directly from your Invisory dashboard.

Customize your offers

Quickly express private offers that speak directly to the unique needs and contracts of your customers.

Improve partner visibility

Get a clear picture of who you're working with across your cloud marketplaces sales team and consulting partners, including PDMs and AEs

Track metering

Keep a clear eye on usage metrics that impact business. No more wasted cloud commit spend and no more overages.

Close more deals

Equip your team with actionable intent data to spot gaps and seize opportunities.

Developing a cloud GTM strategy for AWS Marketplace

If you're thinking about getting co-sell ready and listing on AWS (or are already listed but failing to get the attention of AWS PDMs and AEs), that doesn't mean success won't come later. Cloud marketplace journeys are a marathon, not a sprint. Once listed, success depends on how you navigate the AWS ecosystem.

  • Become co-sell ready

    Ensure that your listed and that you have the right APIs to connect with AWS. If you're struggling with building an API, then working with a GTM platform like Invisory, which offers pre-built APIs, can be a good option.

  • Have a co-sell strategy

    Consider participating in an accelerator program like ISV Accelerate. Unless you're a major enterprise or a large company with a track record of success, you will need to participate in a program to get the attention of PAMs, who can later introduce you to AEs.

  • Mature your metrics

    If you're looking to impress your CRO and CFO, you will need to make sure your metrics and formalize the cloud marketplace channel. This requires tracking ROI on partner relationships, getting positive customer reviews, being top of mind for AWS AEs, and having a solution that helps AWS AEs sell more AWS solutions. 

Discover our personalizable hyperscaler packages

Don’t waste time and technical resources building complex integrations. Leverage our knowledge and automated workflow tools to get transactable, streamline your selling and co-selling processes, track which partners are delivering value, and close more deals.


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Marketplace listing creation

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Private offer training

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CSM (dedicated)

Invisory Platform and co-sell automation  

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Expert guidance to help you accelerate your Marketplace channel through co-sell and marketing

Ecosystem positioning

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Selling with marketplace trianing for AE’s

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Ready to unlock success?

Your guide to the AWS Marketplace

  • What is AWS Marketplace?

    AWS Marketplace is an online store where independent software vendors (ISVs), data providers, and consultants sell third-party software, services, and other digital products to Amazon Web Services customers. The AWS Marketplace is sometimes referred to as the AWS Cloud Marketplace. 

  • What can you buy on the AWS Marketplace?

    • Infrastructure software
    • Developer tools
    • Business software
    • Machine learning tools
    • IoT
    • Professional services
    • Desktop applications
    • Data products
  • Why should organizations buy through AWS Marketplace?

    AWs Marketplace makes the process of procuring software and invoicing seamless. By buying through the marketplace, existing AWS customers can find solutions that solve their unique pain points. Customers are billed on their regular AWS invoice, which drastically reduces the chance of late or missed payments. Solutions on the AWS Marketplace have been vetted by AWS’s strict requirements, which makes them more trusted.

  • AWS Marketplace benefits

    • Easy software delivery 
    • Streamlined procurement 
    • Flexible pricing and terms (pay-as-you-go, long-term commitment plans, private offers, and flexible pay schedules)
    • Control and governance
    • Access a wide range of solutions designed for many industries 
    • Simplified billing, collections, disbursements, and tax collections 
    • Growth through consulting partners 
    • Seamless integrations with APIs
  • Who uses the AWS Marketplace?

    With 310K+ active customers, 4,000+ ISVs, and 2.5 Million active subscriptions, the AWS Marketplace is home to 15,000+ products and services used by organizations across every sector, from government to retail. AWS Marketplace is also home to 1,300+ channel partner.

  • Industry solution categories on AWS Marketplace

    • Advertising and marketing
    • Energy
    • Engineering, construction, and real estate
    • Financial services
    • Healthcare
    • Industrial
    • Life services
    • Media and entertainment 
    • Non-profit 
    • Public sector
    • Public health 
    • Retail
    • Sustainability 
    • Telecommunications
  • Popular AWS Marketplace categories

    • Business applications
    • Data and analytics
    • DevOps
    • Infrastructure software
    • Internet of Things (IoT)
    • Machine learning
    • Migration
    • Security 
    • AWS Control Tower
    • Software-as-a-Service (SaaS)
  • AWS Marketplace listing fees

    • Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) – 3%
    • Server, including Amazon Machine Image (AMI), container, and machine learning – 20%
    • AWS Data Exchange – 3%
    • Private offers – 1.5-3% 
      • Less than $1M – 3%
      • Between $1M and less than $10M – 2%
      • Equal to or greater than $10M – 1.5%
      • All renewals – 1.5%
  • AWS Private Offers

    AWS Private offers allow ISVs to send a custom offer to customers on the AWS Marketplace Management Portal. You can extend the same private offer (same terms and pricing) for up to 25 accounts. Read more about AWS Marketplace Private offers here.