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The Black Hat USA 2024 conference, which will take place August 3-8, 2024 in Las Vegas, is just around the corner, and

If you’re an ISV looking for a new revenue channel, you’re probably listed (or thinking about listing) on cloud marketplaces. Maybe you’re

At the peak of the pre-Covid tech boom, a new category began to emerge: cloud go-to-market, or cloud GTM for short.  With

With budgets for technology tightening across all industries, independent software vendors (ISVs) have started exploring new channels to unlock revenue. Today, ISVs

Whether you’re a seasoned Googler or an ISV that’s new to selling on cloud marketplaces, you may have noticed something confusing about

With venture funding reaching nearly $50 billion for AI startups in 2023 alone, AI and ML startups will quickly face a new