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Co-Selling with AWS: Strategies for ISV Success

With the majority of cloud marketplace traffic going through Amazon Web Services (AWS), co-selling on the AWS Marketplace can help ISVs unlock another revenue stream. But first, you will need to understand which teams are involved in co-selling with AWS. 

Here’s a look at everything you need to know about building your relationship with AWS, including PDMs and AWS Sales. 


Getting started with AWS co-selling


To get started with co-selling on the AWS Marketplace, you will need to complete the following:

  • Register with the Amazon Partner Network 
  • Participate in APN Customer Engagement Programs
  • Meet certain thresholds and criteria to participate in programs that assign you a PDM, such as ISV Accelerate 

Amazon Partner Network (APN)

Before unlocking benefits, ISVs need to join the APN. Joining the program is free and grants you access to enablement resources. 


The APN Customer Engagement Program (ACE)

Once you join the APN, you can participate in ACE Programs. ACE offers ISVs an opportunity to grow revenue, improve customer relationships, and earn financial incentives such as Marketing Development funds (MDF) and Partner Opportunity Acceleration Funds. 

ISVs can share opportunities with AWS on the APC Pipeline Manager, located in the Partner portal. Regularly updating customer opportunities helps ensure your solution remains visible with the AWS sales team. 

After joining ACE, the real challenge begins. ISVs must prove themselves to the AWS team in order to get the attention of a PDM (partner development manager) and the AWS Sales team.


ISV Accelerate

One of the best ways for ISVs to begin working with a dedicated PDM is to participate in a qualifying AWS program, such as ISV Accelerate. According to AWS, you will need to meet the following criteria:

  • One or more software product(s) listed as being under General Availability (GA) on AWS Marketplace
  • 2 publicly referenceable customers within the past 12 months approved in AWS Partner Central
  • 5 ACE Launched Opportunities OR 5 AWS Marketplace Private Offers (MPPO) transacted within the past 12 months 
  • APN Customer Engagements (ACE) Program Eligibility
  • AWS Partner business plan confirmed with Partner Development resource within the past 12 months
  • Publish and maintain a field-ready kit for the AWS Sales organization, including a sales brief (an AWS internal reference document) and a solution brief (a document that can be shared with AWS customers)
  • Executed Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA) with AWS

Primary teams involved in AWS co-selling

  • PDM (Partner Development Managers)
  • AWS Sales & AEs
  • ISV Cloud Alliance teams


PDMs, or Partner development managers, help ISVs identify relevant AEs in the AWS ecosystem. ISVs receive a PDM when they meet certain revenue threshold targets or participate in a qualifying program, such as ISV Accelerate. PDMs will make introductions to the relevant AEs.

AWS Sales

The AWS Sales team has their own set of AEs, or account executives. AWS AEs have their own customers and are looking to sell more AWS services, but they can also sell solutions on behalf of ISVs. In order to help the AWS AEs succeed, ISVs need to provide sales enablement materials. As an ISV, showcasing how your solutions can drive AWS cloud consumption is a plus.

Cloud alliance teams 

ISVs often have a cloud alliance team that serves as the liaison between the PDM and the AWS team. Cloud alliance managers often wear multiple hats, such as managing lists, creating marketing collateral, and following up with their PDMs and AEs. Cloud alliance teams can also help develop co-marketing campaigns

As ISVs grow and scale, it’s not uncommon to have a dedicated cloud alliance manager for AWS alone. 


How do I get assigned an AWS PDM?


Listing on the AWS Marketplace does not guarantee that you will be assigned a PDM. While larger, more established brands might receive a PDM from the get go, smaller ISVs need to prove themselves to the AWS team.

To get in front of AWS as a newer ISV, you will need the following:

  • Closed opportunities
  • Case studies
  • Documents about your product and company 
  • Company-facing collateral 
  • Meet certain thresholds or join a partner program, like ISV Accelerate 

Once you start working with a PDM, you will need to equip them with the right assets. PDMs can connect you with AWS AEs, so having case studies that showcase successful customer implementation on AWS is a must. 


Working with AWS Sales to co-sell


Once you establish yourself in the AWS ecosystem and start working with a PDM, the next step is building your relationship with AWS Sales. 

    • Joint Planning: Collaborate on account planning and target accounts.
    • Deal Reviews: Regularly review opportunities and address roadblocks.
  • Relationship with PDM: Meet with your PDM regularly to help navigate AWS and build a business plan.
  • Sales Training: Ensure AWS Sales understands your solutions.
  • Internal Enablement: Sellers can speak with confidence to selling via AWS marketplac


AWS co-selling tips for ISVs

  • Tag your solutions appropriately, so AWS AEs and customers can find your solution
  • Optimize your listing, which includes having a clear value proposition, transparent pricing, customer reviews, customer reviews and clear SEO keywords
  • Understand how you can make private offers to close more deals
  • Create marketing materials targeted at the AWS audience, including case studies, white papers, and blog posts
  • Tell your “better together story” to AWS Sales, so they understand how your solution can help them sell additional AWS products and services.

You can also read about co-selling with Azure on our blog.


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  • What is co-selling with AWS?

    Co-selling with AWS is the when ISVs work the AWS Sales and PDM team to sell their solution. AWS AEs can sell solutions on behalf of ISVs to their own book of business.

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