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How Lumifi Accelerated their GTM Strategy on Azure with Invisory to Start Leveraging Committed Spend

Lumifi provides Fortune 500-grade managed detection and response (MDR) services for businesses of all sizes. The company’s cutting-edge platform integrates automated threat hunting with orchestration and proactive cybersecurity management, ensuring continuous and end-to-end protection against ransomware and emerging threats. Lumifi’s US-based Security Operations Center, staffed by ex-military and former DoD security experts, continuously monitors and manages customer environments with top-tier expertise and dozens of certifications.

“We wouldn’t be where we are had it not been for you guys (Invisory),” Grant Leonard, Lumifi Field CISO, explained in an interview with Invisory.


Why sell on a cloud marketplace (Azure)

Lumifi recognized that their customers were already transacting via  cloud marketplaces like Azure and looking for a way to use their committed spend (think of this as Azure gift cards that expire). They feared that not allowing customers to use their committed cloud spend on the Lumifi platform would result in lost revenue and customers.  As it turned out, some customers were out of fresh budget but had Azure committed spend that was going to expire if left unused. 

The challenge Lumifi ran into was a common one – navigating the Azure ecosystem and finding the right contacts to co-sell with for maximum impact. It was the typical scenario of “We don’t know what we don’t know” and “unsure where to dive in first.”

“I couldn’t get through this barrier to find a human to work with,” Leonard explained.


Gaining executive buy-in

The entire Lumifi team was not immediately onboard with the idea of bringing on an outside resource to help boost their Azure listing and GTM strategy, until it was clear that there was a demand in the space for Lumifi’s bespoke offerings. The ability to transact through the Azure  Marketplace and use already allocated committed spend was enough to gain wide buy-in across the organization.

Given that so many other cybersecurity companies sell on cloud marketplaces, listing on Azure also helped Lumifi keep up with the competition.   


Why Invisory for cloud marketplace success

Lumifi was looking for the path of least resistance and needed a group of experts to lead them to success. They chose Invisory to get them there.  

The biggest challenge for Leonard was that while he was well-versed in the technical and operational side of things, he lacked the go-to-market knowledge and needed assistance identifying steps to streamline the process. 

Invisory was able to provide “very explicit documentation [and] understanding about permission sets,” said Grant. 

Today, Lumifi is working on their first private offers and has seen organic activity on their listing from prospects expressing interest in learning more. Check out Lumifi’s Azure listing here.

“..your product is providing me a path through that barrier, or at least a way to show that we are something in a way Microsoft recognizes.”

With the early success seen on Azure working with Invisory, the Lumifi team is now exploring their next marketplace play on the Google Cloud Platform to widen their potential buying audience, and will work along Invisory again to streamline their launch. 

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