Invisory Helps Gridmate Increase ISV Scorecard by 50% in Less Than 3 Months

Engaging with Invisory uncovered actionable customer insights that were previously unknown leading to changes that go beyond the Salesforce ecosystem.


“The Invisory team was very knowledgeable and provided good insights to grow what they have to the next level.” – Rey Perera, CEO & Co-Founder of Gridmate.


Gridmate was founded on the principles that Salesforce list views should act more like Excel. Gridmate’s suite of lightning components were built to simplify the complex data management challenges that faces businesses today.


The Challenge:

  • Gridmate recognized a need to align their solution with Salesforce and Salesforce sellers.
  • Although experts in their own business, Gridmate acknowledged the need to expand their knowledge and expertise.
  • Their goal was to establish a stronger position in AppExchange and the broader Salesforce ecosystem.


Why Invisory

Within a few weeks of working with Invisory, a need to improve and standardize the product release process was brought to light, including “how to” templates.


Gridmate was able to optimize their AppExchange listing and received coaching on the ISV scorecard. They were able to increase their score by 50% in just a few months of engagement.


This partnership also streamlined and automated their sales cadence, enhancing their overall efficiency. Gridmate saw an immediate increase in lead conversion based on quick wins provided in the AppExchange.


Gridmate’s partnership with Invisory catalyzed substantial growth and success within a brief period. The strategic insights provided to their team empowered Gridmate to excel beyond Salesforce, positioning them for greater accomplishments.


To learn more about how Invisory can help you navigate the Salesforce ecosystem, contact us today. You can also visit our packages page for more details on our offerings. 

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