Invisory for CRM Marketplaces

Leverage actionable insights, automated go-to-market deliverables, and co-selling strategies designed to reach Salesforce AppExchange and ServiceNow Store account teams and consulting partners.
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Unlock marketplace success​

Invisory provides a single platform — along with guidance and best practices — to manage all of your cloud marketplaces activities. Our packages are designed to meet you where you are: whether you’re looking to list, are in the process of listing, or listed and looking to accelerate success, Invisory is here to help.
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Everything a new ISV needs to jumpstart success on the Salesforce AppExchange and ServiceNow Store

Ecosystem positioning

SEO recommendations

Sales playbook materials

Review optimization



Everything in Growth, plus expert guidance to help you accelerate selling and co-selling success

Single platform to manage multiple marketplaces

Partner Success Tracker™

SI Playbook

Marketplace review, training & templates

Demo analysis

Lead flow testing

Co-selling training


Invisory helps ISVs avoid costly mistakes and get results fast

Data-Driven Performance Analytics

Identify high-performing territories, teams, and individuals within partner organizations to optimize collaboration and maximize revenue generation.

Opportunity-Level Reporting

Detailed tracking and roll-up reports give you detailed insights on your partner deals, enabling better decision-making every step of the way.

Marketplace Trends

We stay up-to-date on marketplace partner trends so you don’t have to, sharing insights and updating our app when things change.

Automated Go-to-Market Deliverables

Access templates and best practices designed to enhance your go-to-market motion with CRM cloud partners. 

Actionable Playbooks

Tap into industry expert designed playbooks for co-selling with Salesforce and ServiceNow, as well as with SIs.


Keep your partner relationship data organized and accessible for everyone on your team (not in someone’s head).

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