Box Sees 100% ROI by Engaging with Invisory for Dreamforce

Engaging with Invisory allowed Box to quickly revamp everything from their AppExchange listing to their partnership approach in just a matter of months.


“Invisory allowed us to go from 0-100 in a matter of months.” – DAN O’LEARY, Partnerships & Growth at Box.


Box for Salesforce empowers teams to collaborate on content directly within Salesforce. Box centralizes documents across your organization to streamline processes, engage customers, and accelerate sales cycles.


The Challenge:

  • In preparation for Dreamforce, Box was tasked with re-launching their product. “To hit our objectives in the time period needed we needed help.”
  • The intricate workings of the Salesforce ecosystem posed distinctive challenges due to its specialized terminology.
  • Box’s AppExchange listing was not only out of date and not converting, but it was a different ecosystem than their other partner engagements, which added a layer of complexity for their team. “Salesforce has its own language.”
  • Box found that the amount of information available to partners and the language of Salesforce was complex and nuanced.


Why Invisory
With a deadline quickly approaching, Invisory swiftly addressed the numerous challenges, including refining the AppExchange listing and adopting a strategic partnership approach.


Box achieved a successful re-launch at Dreamforce, showcasing an updated AppExchange listing featuring the new product “Box Sign for Salesforce.”


The Box team was able to share the expertise and drive consensus, awareness, and alignment with their internal teams. This coaching and knowledge sharing highlighted their focus on the Salesforce partnership.


By partnering with Invisory, Box effectively mitigated potential risks while making substantial strides forward.


Throughout this process, Invisory partnered closely with CodeScience to enhance Box’s technical investment on Salesforce. The new and improved functionality was quickly incorporated into the Box GTM messaging.


Box’s collaboration with Invisory yielded impressive results, achieving a 100% ROI. The strategic direction and proficiency provided by Invisory not only navigated Box through the complexities of the Salesforce ecosystem, but also paved the way for an impactful product release at Dreamforce.


To learn more about how Invisory can help you navigate the Salesforce ecosystem, contact us today. You can also visit our packages page for more details on our offerings. 

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