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Unlock Your Sales Reps’ Secret Weapon: How Cloud Marketplaces Elevate AE Success

Imagine this: You’re an Account Executive (AE) or sales rep who’s just heard the news — your company’s software solution is now listed on a major cloud marketplace like AWS, Azure, and GCP. This isn’t just good news; it’s a game-changer for your sales strategy. Suddenly, you have a powerful new platform (and revenue channel) at your fingertips, one that not only extends your reach to a global audience but also streamlines every part of the sales process from initial contact to closed deal.

But what exactly does this mean for you personally? It means you’re now positioned to sell with unprecedented speed and efficiency. From firsthand experience, let me walk you through how this shift has not only transformed my approach but also created significant opportunities for every AE ready to leverage these platforms. 

Cloud marketplaces bring your product directly in front of a pre-engaged audience, ready to buy, while also offering tools that significantly reduce the friction typically associated with sales cycles. They cut through the complexity of negotiations and legal reviews with standardized contracts and bring a level of security assurance that builds instant trust with potential clients. This new selling environment isn’t just about reaching more people; it’s about conducting a smarter, faster, and more effective sales process.


Quick Path to Deal Closure on Cloud Marketplaces:

I remember the pre-marketplace days filled with endless back-and-forth over contracts and security compliance — it felt like navigating a maze. Now, those hurdles have diminished. With our solutions on cloud marketplaces, which feature standardized agreements pre-vetted by legal, I’ve slashed the sales cycle dramatically. Partners who sell through the AWS Marketplace achieve 27% higher win rates, 40% faster sales cycle, and those deals are also 80% larger, according to Forrester.

The reassurance that our offerings meet the cloud provider’s security standards also soothes customer anxieties, facilitating faster decisions. This isn’t just about speeding up sales; it’s about keeping up with the rapid pace of today’s tech landscape, ensuring we deliver timely solutions that meet client needs  right when they need them.


Access to Alternative Budgets, like Cloud Commitment Spend

Another transformative aspect has been accessing alternative budget sources. Initially, discussions around budgets often ended with “we’d love to, but the funds aren’t there.”  Cloud marketplaces enable ISVs to commit to a predetermined budget for cloud services, locking in funds specifically for purchasing software. This setup helps businesses manage costs predictably while ensuring they have the necessary resources allocated for essential software purchases. 

Today, I guide clients on how to tap into pre-committed cloud budgets — a pool of resources they’ve already earmarked for just this type of purchase. This has opened doors to larger transactions with higher ACV, and extended multi-year contracts, which were previously unattainable. Key advantages of cloud commitment spend include: 

  • Cost Control and Predictability: By setting aside a pre-committed spend, organizations gain better control over their cloud spend. This approach simplifies budgeting and also helps avoid unexpected costs, making financial planning more predictable.
  • Enhanced Procurement: Using pre-committed cloud budgets streamlines the procurement process. Organizations can bypass lengthy approval cycles typically required for new purchases, accelerating the deployment of cloud solutions and services.

This strategic funding approach not only empowers clients to scale their operations but also solidifies our relationship as a key partner in their growth. By aligning our solutions with their financial strategy, we’re not just vendors; we’re essential partners in their long-term success.


Co-Selling with Cloud Sales Reps

As an Account Executive, the idea of bringing another party into a deal I’m nurturing might initially feel like losing control. It’s understandable to be apprehensive about introducing cloud provider teams into the mix; after all, these are my relationships and targets we’re talking about. But over time, I’ve discovered that co-selling with providers like AWS and Azure isn’t about handing over the reins — it’s about arming myself with a secret weapon that can drastically enhance the deal’s success.

Co-selling with cloud providers has proven to be nothing short of a game-changer. The additional insights and support from their teams have allowed me to tailor my pitches to perfectly meet the nuanced needs of each client. This collaboration goes beyond simply making sales — it’s about crafting comprehensive strategies that integrate seamlessly with client operations, significantly boosting both the effectiveness and the efficiency of their tech investments.

Moreover, clients who engage in co-selling initiatives with us experience a smoother integration of technologies, receiving not just a service but a fully-fledged solution that’s tailored to their specific environments. This seamless integration fosters deeper trust and confidence in our offerings, which often leads to referrals and repeat business — two key metrics every AE aims to maximize. This collaborative approach turns the initial apprehension of sharing the sales process into a strategic advantage, leveraging collective strengths for greater success.


Selling with Cloud Marketplaces is the Future

As an AE, having your solutions listed on a cloud marketplace isn’t just an operational update — it’s a monumental shift in how you can conduct business. The advantages are clear: faster sales cycles, access to previously locked funds, and strategic partnerships that amplify your selling power. For AEs looking to not just meet but exceed their targets, embracing the power of cloud marketplaces is the way forward!

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