The advantages of being transactable on the Azure Marketplace

Listing on a cloud marketplace is just beginning. It is what you do once listed that has a lasting impact on your business and bottom line.  

A key component of accessing the incentives of the Microsoft partner program is being transactable. Transactability on the Azure Marketplace offers unique advantages for ISVs, customers and developers and to become transactable, an ISV must take additional steps and hit thresholds. We outlined these steps in a previous blog that you can access here.


Let’s talk about why being transactable matters. 


Increase Reach: The Azure Marketplace attracts a large customer base. By listing your offerings on the marketplace, you gain access to a vast network of potential customers. This includes Azure users, developers, and enterprises worldwide. Not to mention gaining visibility with the Microsoft sales team themselves. 


Enhanced Visibility and Marketing: Listing your offering(s) on Azure’s Marketplace exposes them to a wider audience and increases visibility. There is also marketing support that may be provided, such as featured placements, recommendations, and targeted promotions that help drive customer engagement and adoption of your products or services.


Streamlined Distribution: The Azure Marketplace provides a centralized hub for discovering, deploying, and managing software applications and services. It simplifies the distribution process by allowing customers to find and acquire your offerings directly within the Azure ecosystem, using Azure terms. This eliminates the need for separate procurement processes. 


Simplified Monetization: The marketplace provides built-in billing capabilities. This allows you to offer your products on a subscription or consumption basis. It simplifies the monetization process, as Microsoft handles the billing, licensing, and invoicing aspects, reducing administrative overhead for your business.


Trusted Platform: Azure Marketplace is a trusted platform backed by Microsoft, known for its robust security measures and compliance standards. By transacting through the marketplace, customers gain confidence in the quality, reliability, and security of your offerings, which can lead to increased customer trust and adoption.


Integration and Compatibility: Azure Marketplace offers seamless integration with other Azure services and resources. This integration allows customers to easily combine your offerings with existing Azure solutions, enabling comprehensive and efficient deployments.


Partner Ecosystem: By joining the marketplace, you become part of a community that can lead to potential synergies, co-selling opportunities, and collaborative projects.


Overall, being transactable on the Azure Marketplace provides businesses with a platform to showcase their offerings, reach a wider audience, simplify distribution and monetization, and benefit from the strong brand reputation and resources of Microsoft and Azure.


If you have questions about how to list or are looking for advice to get you listed and transactable faster Invisory is here for you. Reach out to our team to learn more about our solution for unlocking marketplace success faster.

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