Tungsten Automation Fast Tracks Transactable Capabilities on Azure Marketplace with Invisory 

Invisory helps execute Tungsten Automation’s ecosystem strategy from a Microsoft Azure Marketplace partner to becoming a transactable partner with private offers. 

Tungsten Automation, formally known as Kofax, renowned for its intelligent automation platform that empowers companies to enhance critical operations and drive smarter business insights, have met customer demand by transitioning their placement on the Azure Marketplace from a simple listing to a full, seamless transaction capability. As they embarked on this transition, Tungsten Automation’s team recognized the intricate nature of the process and brought in Invisory and their industry experts for guidance on navigating the nuances of the Microsoft Partner Center and Azure Marketplace to ensure a successful implementation.


Tungsten Automation’s goal: to become a transactable listing in order to take full advantage of the benefits and incentives available to Microsoft partners, as well as offering additional benefits and ease of purchase to customers and partners. 


The challenge: Listing on Azure’s marketplace marked just the initial phase; achieving transactability demanded a series of multifaceted steps. Unfortunately, the process lacked clear and straightforward documentation, compounding the risks of successful implementation.


After researching what was required, the Tungsten Automation team determined that leveraging the expertise of Invisory would be an invaluable first step. 


“Getting true value out of any partnership is about what you put into it. It was important to me to get Invisory – who truly understands the Microsoft partner program and its benefits – on board to accelerate our ecosystem strategy. “ – Bill Mariani, VP of Ecosystem, Tungsten Automation


Why Invisory:  As an ISV, once you have access to the Microsoft Partner Center there is an overwhelming amount of content that you have access to which can lead to more confusion on where to begin. Invisory guided Tungsten Automation through the back office work, shared critical knowledge in an easily digestible format, and broke down the complexities of transactability.


The Tungsten Automation team worked with Frank Artale, CTO of Invisory, who shared his three decades of experience with Azure to articulate the value and process to move from listed to transactable. Frank provided the insights and advice to give the extended Tungsten Automation team the knowledge and confidence to more quickly move toward a transactable offer that would benefit their customers and their sales team via co-sell possibilities with the Microsoft team.  A significant achievement was the establishment of private offers. By partnering with Invisory, Tungsten Automation successfully expedited the transactability journey, trimming 2-3 months from the timeline while strengthening their relevance within the Microsoft ecosystem.


“With Invisory’s help, we were able to save a lot of time in understanding the process, getting everything set up, and start piloting this motion.” – Dyne Cormier, Ecosystem Manager, Tungsten Automation

After successfully going through the process to become transactable with one of Tungsten Automation’s listings, the team is now looking to use Invisory’s platform and white glove approach to expand the proven benefits to additional applications.


“Invisory’s ecosystem strategy is more than a single cloud marketplace meaning we can continue our cloud marketplace strategies beyond Azure”, said Bill Mariani.

To learn more about how Invisory can help you with your Microsoft partner strategy or get listed or transactable on the Azure Marketplace, contact us today.


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