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Why AI and ML ISVs are Selling on Google Cloud Marketplace (GCP): Benefits, Challenges, and more

With venture funding reaching nearly $50 billion for AI startups in 2023 alone, AI and ML startups will quickly face a new challenge: generating revenue from their technological innovations. For AI and ML companies built on Google Cloud, selling on Google Cloud Marketplace (formally known as GCP), is an opportunity that can’t be ignored. 


Why AI and ML ISVs are selling on Google Cloud Marketplace (GCP)

Google’s mission is “to organize the world’s information and make it universally accessible and useful.” In practice, that mission has come to encompass far more than just search. With products for business intelligence, data, and embedded analytics, Google is also focused on helping businesses of all sizes scale and grow their operations by allowing them to better analyze and understand their organization’s data. 

Google’s proprietary products such as BigQuery, AutoML, VertexAI, Gemini, and Looker have enabled businesses to better understand their data and drive productivity. But their functionality – like any suite of tools offered by one company – is limited. When Google launched their cloud marketplace, they saw an opportunity. AI, ML, and other ISVs built on Google Cloud could sell solutions that enhanced, extended, or complimented Google’s existing products. And in order to thrive in today’s market, customers must have the ability to deliver AI where their data resides.

By listing and selling on the Google Cloud Marketplace, ISVs have an opportunity to meet customers where they are (Google Cloud and GCP), enabling them to accelerate and scale as industry innovators, with a seamless experience across cloud platforms. 


Benefits of selling on Google Cloud Marketplace

  • Drive revenue faster: Customers can purchase and begin using your solution quickly and easily through the Google Cloud Marketplace, allowing them to accelerate and scale their impact with AI. 
  • Get the most out of your Google Cloud services:Customers can run your solution in the same environment as other applications in Google Cloud to leverage Google Cloud’s unique services like BigQuery, Looker, Vertex AI and more to help train models and deploy into production across cloud and on-prem from a single location. 
  • Simplify procurement: If a customer is built on Google Cloud, they likely have Google Cloud Spend they can use (think of this like gift cards) to purchase your solution, speeding up sales cycles and removing budget objections. 
  • Break down data silos: No matter where a customer’s data resides, AI/ML solutions that are hosted and transacting through Google Cloud Marketplace help to knock down silos to bring AI into a single data and cloud environment.
  • Activate pipeline growth: Make AI accessible to a broader set of users by removing barriers and making it easy to obtain and integrate with a customers current data set.  


Challenges of standing out on Google Cloud Marketplace

While selling AI and ML solutions on Google Cloud Marketplace offers ISVs a new revenue channel, getting started can be challenging, especially for those unfamiliar with Google’s unique ecosystem. You will need to:

  • Understand Google’s unique bureaucracy and lingo, so that you can complete the requirements to get your listing approved.
  • Build APIs that allow your solution to communicate with Google. 
  • Differentiate your solution from others on the market. With the AI boom well underway, you will need to clearly articulate on your listing page and other marketing collateral how your solution is unique.
  • Be prepared to showcase how your solution can help Google sell more of its proprietary products. The more products that your solution helps sell, the more likely Google is to highlight your solution. 

Despite these challenges, which are far easier to overcome when working with a GTM cloud platform like Invisory, the data is there to show that listing and selling on cloud marketplaces is a must for AI and ML ISVs. Canalys estimates that by 2025 cloud marketplaces will grow to $45+ billion, with over 80% of the Cloud 100 selling on marketplace. 


Partnering with Invisory for Google Cloud Marketplace  

Looking to streamline and accelerate getting listed and driving revenue on Google Cloud Marketplace? With Invisory, you can:

  • Streamline listing and transacting with our API integrations. You focus on the ML/AI, and we take care of API technology.
  • Automate GTM deliverables, such as 1-pagers that help you get the attention of Google Sales reps.
  • Develop a “better together” story that helps you explain how Google benefits from your solution being on the marketplace.
  • Operationalize your cloud marketplace channel into a lead and revenue generating machine. 

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