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What Invisory is Looking Forward to at AWS Summit LA

The AWS Summit in Los Angeles is almost here, and the Invisory team can’t wait to dive into all the innovations taking center stage. This event is a highlight for anyone interested in exploring the latest in cloud technology, particularly within the AWS Marketplace.

This year’s summit is especially exciting, as it showcases how the AWS Marketplace is driving innovation across a diverse range of industries, from retail to cybersecurity. We are especially looking forward to understanding new developments in cloud solutions and their impact on speeding up digital transformation.


Spotlight on AWS Summit LA Keynotes

The keynote lineup this year at AWS Summit LA is highly anticipated, featuring AWS’s Dr. Matt Wood alongside leaders from Lonely Planet and PGA TOUR. They’ll explore the capabilities of generative AI and its practical applications. For us at Invisory, these insights are valuable, because they equip us with the latest knowledge and practices that we can pass on to our customers. By understanding these cutting-edge technologies, we’re better positioned to guide and support our clients as they launch and scale their solutions in the AWS Marketplace.


AWS Summit LA Sessions We Won’t Miss


Unleashing Innovation with AWS Marketplace Models

Kenneth Walsh’s session is a must for us. It’ll focus on the power of Amazon Bedrock and other generative AI models available through AWS Marketplace. He’ll be providing a live demo that shows just how quickly and efficiently these technologies can be deployed.


Hands-On with Generative AI Apps

The hands-on session on deploying generative AI applications using pretrained models from AWS Marketplace is another highlight. It’s geared towards practical usage, ensuring that the data and operations stay secure within AWS boundaries, which is crucial for maintaining privacy in business applications.


Power of Collaboration

Elizabeth Burton’s talk on the ‘power of three’ approach, which combines software and services into comprehensive offerings on AWS Marketplace, is especially relevant. It reflects our commitment to providing integrated solutions that reduce time to value for our customers, and we’re excited to learn from the successful case studies she’ll share.


Invisory and AWS Summit LA

For us at Invisory, AWS Summit LA offers us a unique platform to see firsthand the new tools and applications at the forefront of cloud services. This not only enhances our toolkit but also ensures that we’re advising our clients based on the most current and effective strategies available, keeping them competitive and efficient in a rapidly evolving digital landscape. 

If you see Invisory’s Alex Torres or JV Melo on the AWS Summit show floor or in a session, make sure you stop them and say hi. Not attending the AWS Summit in LA this year? We’d still love to connect and talk cloud GTM strategy. 

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