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SDO: Salesforce SEs Demo Environment

The SDO (Simple Demo Org) is the starting point for 10s of thousands (maybe hundreds of thousands) of demos every year by Salesforce SEs. It is the source org from which they do a “save as” to build all their customer demo environments. Getting into it should be the goal of most ISVs, but the process is non-linear.

What is the SDO: Salesforce SEs Demo Environment?

It’s a pre-configured environment any Salesforce SE can spin up on demand to show the power of the platform without starting from scratch. Think of it as their own Trialforce. It comes pre-populated with data that fit a number of use cases across all of their products. They have started to specialize with IDOs (Industry Demo Orgs), as well, to highlight more precise use cases in the focus industries. SEs will configure functionality based on their clients’ requirements, which often includes the need to showcase functionality from an ISV partner or three. They will ask their friends, search the AppExchange, ask the ISV Solution Manager team (a future blog post to follow about this influential team), or check the SDO tools to see if an app in there which fits the bill.


Okay, I want my app in there. How do I do that?

It’s not easy. They keep access pretty restricted for obvious reasons like everyone would want to be in there and it adds to their maintenance. There are around eight or so companies like TaskRay, Conga, DocuSign, and Xactly which have functionality in there. To be the next one, you need to start with demand—lots of it. To do this, you will have to invest the time to do the heavy lifting. It means creating:

  • an extension package that is aware of the SDO setup

  • how-to demo materials for the SE persona

  • value-prop summaries and “things to listen for” when talking to customers

  • a strategy to be world-class in supporting their sales campaigns when they need a hand

  • getting the word out that you have done all of the above to drive more downloads.

Even then, it won’t be guaranteed, but it will, at the very least, earn you some champions in the SE community who can help you triangulate your next steps. If you’d like to learn more about making it easier for SEs to demo your app, schedule a call and we can review!

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