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Deciphering Your AppExchange Lead Sources

Deciphering your AppExchange Lead Sources

Your AppExchange listing serves many purposes – brand awareness, a one stop shop for your customers, prospects and SIs and maybe most importantly a lead source.

Watch Demo, Test Drive, Trial, Get it Now – all of these buttons can result in a lead meaning that the interested party is presented with a form asking for their contact information. These golden forms submit leads to your team and let you know that you’re getting noticed but the Salesforce naming conventions aren’t always clear so we’re here to help clear things up.

Now that you have your Partner Business Org (PBO) configured to collect leads from customer and partner activity on the AppExchange, this document walks through the definitions of the acronyms for the lead sources and why you sometimes will get a “dup” in the lead source for certain leads.

Lead Sources from the AppExchange

‍AppExchange lead sources will always use the following format: SFDC-XX|Listing Name or SFDC-dup-XX|Listing Name. XX identifies what action from the AppExchange the lead took in order to generate that record, so it will be limited to the types of options you have enabled on your AppExchange listing.

*LM was a previous acronym for the Learn More action on the AppExchange but is no longer available.

‍“Dup” Acronym on lead sources in the PBO from the AppExchange

‍A duplicate lead is a lead that AppExchange already sent to your org for the user, listing, or action within the past 180 days.

Duplicate lead sources always contain the string -dup- and use the format SFDC-dup-XX|Listing Name. For example, SFDC-dup-IN|Example App indicates a duplicate lead from a user who clicked Get It Now on the Example App’s listing.


  1. Include lead capturing activities on your Listing (Watch a Demo, Test Drive, Trial, Get it Now)
  2. Make sure you have set up your AppExchange to capture leads and check it often.  Things break, gremlins uncheck boxes, we’ve seen too many companies not have lead capture set up appropriately and miss out on months of possible interest.
  3. Have a solid AppExchange lead follow up plan in place including automated responses & sales follow up.

You can dig in deeper here on Salesforce’s dev site.

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