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Choosing a Cloud GTM Platform (and Moving Away from Legacy Solutions)

It’s no secret that cloud marketplaces are transforming how ISVs buy and sell their solutions. In fact, the cloud marketplace movement has prompted a new category to emerge: the Cloud GTM  Platform.

As more ISVs look to drive marketplace success, they’re shopping around for a cloud GTM platform that streamlines listing, co-selling, expressing private offers, and building GTM collateral expected by co-sell teams, like 1-pagers. 

Not sure where to get started on choosing the right cloud GTM platform? Check out our buyer’s guide. 


What is a cloud GTM solution?

A cloud GTM platform helps ISVs manage listings, co-selling, and private offers for cloud marketplaces such as Azure, AWS, Google Cloud Platform (GCP), and others. Most cloud GTM platforms come withAPI integrations so that ISVs can get transactable, manage metering, and sync their CRM data with hyperscaler marketplaces. The more sophisticated GTM solutions can help you manage not only hyperscaler listing, but also provide specific value to ISVs listing and going to market with Salesforce on the AppExchange. 

While Tackle defined the cloud GTM category, new players such as Invisory, Clazar, and Suger.io are now reinventing it in their own ways. 

The choice of Cloud GTM Platform is different for every ISV, and the choice should be made based on what is most important for you to get out of the cloud marketplace partnerships. Invisory is placing a greater emphasis on building a GTM motion that leads to lasting cloud marketplace success. With the help of our platform, expert-built playbooks, and customer support model, ISVs are transforming their cloud marketplace listings into reliable revenue streams. Scale your co-sell strategy, express private offers at scale, and much more with Invisory.


Top Tackle.io Alternatives and Competitors

  • Invisory
  • Clazar
  • Suger.io 

While we think the 3 closest competitors to Tackle include Invisory, Clazar, and Suger.io, common online resources have their own ideas, which can lead to buyer confusion. 

According to G2, top Tackle Alternatives include:

  • Webgility
  • A2X
  • Feedonomics
  • Jungle Scout 
  • CS-Cart Multi-Vendor 
  • Helium 10
  • Convictional
  • CloudBlue
  • Stackline
  • Rithum

And according to CBInsights, which seems to be more accurate than the G2 list, the top Tackle Alternatives and Competitors are:

  • AppDirect
  • WorkSpan
  • Marketplacer
  • DiscoverCloud
  • PartnerPage
  • Seller Dynamics

With so much conflicting information available online, first-time buyers looking for a GTM cloud solution are often left confused. In general, GTM cloud platforms help you get listed, transactable, and co-sell ready, as well as express private offers at scale. Invisory in particular puts a great emphasis on automating the GTM motion on cloud marketplaces, not limited to hyperscalers but includes solutions for Salesforce as well. 


How do I choose a third-party cloud GTM solution?

If you’re looking for a third-party cloud GTM solution, you will want to ask yourself the following questions:

  • What marketplaces are supported? (If you’re focused on the Salesforce AppExchange, then Invisory is the best choice, since no other GTM cloud platforms support that ecosystem.)
  • Does the cloud GTM platform just offer technical solutions (such as APIs to get transactable and manage metering), or do you get access to a strategic advisory team, automated GTM templates, and expert-built co-selling playbooks? 
  • Does my pricing/billing change if I drive more revenue? (If you choose Tackle, for instance, your costs will increase as your revenue increases.)
  • Will I receive access to co-selling playbooks?
  • Does the solution offer expert-built GTM templates for collateral, like 1-pagers? (Invisory is known for its GTM templates).
  • Does the platform connect to my CRM? What if we use HubSpot, and not Salesforce? (Invisory and Clazar allow you to sync your data with both CRMs)
  • What integrations are available? Can my team get Slack alerts from the cloud GTM platform? 
  • What is their customer support model? Will I have a strategic advisor to help guide me along the way to marketplace success? (All Invisory customers receive a dedicated CSM to help them reach marketplace success faster).

Once you have answers to these questions, you can better understand what you need out of a cloud GTM platform. 


Tackle vs. Invisory vs. Clazar vs. Suger.io 

Invisory vs. Clazar

  • Both Invisory and Clazar offer solutions for Azure Marketplace and AWS Marketplace, while only Invisory supports ISVs on the Salesforce AppExchange.
  • Clazar offers solutions for GCP
  • Invisory offers robust hands-on CSM support from experts who have been in the cloud marketplace ecosystem for years, as well as automated GTM deliverables such as expert-built templates.
  • Both Clazar and Invisory include integrations with CRMs (Salesforce, Hubspot).
  • Invisory allows for unlimited private offers with all hyperscaler packages. Clazar caps the number of private offers you can express to 10/year (QuickStart), 50/year (Growth), and 100/year (Scale) – unless you’re on the Enterprise plan, in which case the number of private offers you can express is unlimited.
  • Invisory’s hyperscaler packages include unlimited co-sell opportunities created, while Clazar limits you to 200/year (Growth) and 1000/year (Scale). Clazar’s Enterprise plan includes unlimited opportunities. 
  • Invisory has sales and customer success managers located in most major US hubs including Seattle, New York, Denver, Southern California, Minneapolis and more. 

Invisory vs. Tackle

  • Both Invisory and Tackle offer solutions for Azure Marketplace and AWS Marketplace.
  • Invisory offers solutions for ISVs on the Salesforce AppExchange.
  • Like Clazar, Tackle has solutions for GCP.
  • Invisory keeps their pricing standard – you pay for the cost of your package. Tackle, on the other hand, charges you more as marketplace revenue increases.
  • Tackle’s solution integrates with Salesforce’s CRM, while Invisory allows you to integrate with both Salesforce and HubSpot CRMs.

Invisory vs. Suger.io

  • Both Invisory and Suger.io offer solutions for Azure Marketplace and AWS Marketplace.
  • Invisory offers Salesforce, while Suger offers GCP and Alibaba.
  • Like Clazar, Suger.io also limits the number of accepted private offers to 5 (Starter), 15 (Professional), and 50 (Growth). Also like Clazar, Suger.io’s Enterprise plan is customizable and includes unlimited private offers.

Choosing Invisory as your cloud GTM solution 

Looking to learn more about how Invisory’s pre-built APIs, automated GTM deliverables, customer support model, and other features can help drive your business to cloud marketplace success? Schedule a time today. 


  • Are Cloud GTM Platforms and Partner Management Solutions the same thing?

    While Cloud GTM Platforms like Invisory, Clazar, and Tackle resemble Partner Management Solutions like WorkSpan, they’re quite different. WorkSpan, for instance, helps you identify mutual accounts between your data and your partners’ data, so you can better leverage those relationships to close deals. 

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