Invisory Creates Roadmap for Understanding the Salesforce Ecosystem in Less Than 3 Month

Invisory creates a go-to-market roadmap to understanding the policy and procedures of Salesforce saving time and resources.


“If it wasn’t for the team (Invisory), we would have had to hire a part time person to own the Salesforce relationship.”- John Perez, CEO | Unified Payments Group


Unified A/R, streamlines Account Receivable workflows to help companies get paid faster, easier and at less cost. Despite success in other marketplaces, after creating an app for Salesforce they quickly discovered they didn’t speak the Salesforce language. Navigating what mattered to the Salesforce teams and to prospects was keeping Unified A/R from seeing the success they anticipated after listing on the AppExchange


The challenge: 

  • Navigating and understanding the corporate culture, design and communications styles of the Salesforce ecosystem was foreign to the Unified team. 
  • The move from a high touch sales process to more self-service on the AppExchange meant their messaging no longer resonated with the Salesforce target audience or with Salesforce’s internal team. 


Why Invisory:

In a matter of weeks, Invisory helped create messaging and a go-to-market strategy that resonated with the Salesforce ecosystem. 


This included bringing to light critical partner programs that the Unified A/R team was unaware of, such as their Trailblazer score. Made up of Trailhead badges, customer reviews, technology surveys and more, the point based activities dictate partnership level.The Invisory engagement also uncovered new areas to market within the ecosystem that had not previously been identified. 


Ultimately, the playbook Invisory helped build made it possible for the current team to manage the Salesforce partnership.  Prior to the engagement, the assumption was a full-time hire would be required to see these kinds of results. This saved the team time and money while outlining a faster and more lucrative path to success with Salesforce. 


To learn more about how Invisory can help you navigate the Salesforce ecosystem, contact us today. You can also visit our packages page for more details on our offerings. 

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