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Troubleshooting Lead Integrations from the AppExchange to your Salesforce Instance (PBO)

Your AppExchange listing provides an important source of leads for your business. 

For this article, we will focus on the basics to make sure leads are flowing into your Salesforce Partner Business Org (PBO) to ensure that your sales team is getting the leads it needs to drive revenue. It is a best practice to test this flow at least once a month to ensure that nothing breaks as it is a very sensitive integration.


Basic Configuration from the AppExchange to your Salesforce PBO

Create a Campaign record for each of the ways to collect leads from the AppExchange which can include Watch a Demo, Test Drive, Trial, and/or Install in your Partner Business Org. From there, you will need to go to to update your listing in the leads area. In order to connect your AppExchange listing to your PBO, you will need to authenticate it with your username and password and add your security token to the end of your password. If you don’t know how to find your security token, here is an article that walks you through the steps.

Obviously if the person who sets this up for your company leaves the organization and has their Salesforce license deactivated, that is another reason this would break for you.


Issues with Required Fields and Picklists on the Lead Object in Salesforce

Due to the sensitive nature of the LMA, we can never turn on State or Country picklists or add required fields to the lead object. When this breaks, it is the most likely root cause as someone in Sales Ops or a sales leader has good intentions of making a sales process improvement for the XDR team. According to Salesforce, “Don’t create workflow rules, triggers, or validation rules that require custom fields on the license or lead objects. Likewise, don’t impose conditions on updating or creating license or lead records. These kinds of customizations prevent the LMA from working.” 

If you catch an issue with this process breaking, you will want to make sure you go back and fix all of the installs of your app to ensure LMA records have been created since it broke to ensure you can manage your customer’s license moving forward. Here is an article to help you invoke a LMA and Lead sync.

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