Announcing Invisory’s Partner Success Tracker for Salesforce

Most ISVs miss critical performance details in their partner programs by only tracking partner level engagement. A truly successful partner program understands that it is the individuals within a partner who lean in, bring deals and engage. 


With this critical piece of the partnership journey in mind, Invisory created the Partner Success Tracker. Organizations can capture partner progress at an individual and partner level to better understand how ecosystem Account Executives (AEs), Sales Engineers (SEs), and System Integrator (SI) consultants are performing by highlighting areas of opportunities and gaps.  


“The Invisory Partner Success Tracker, gives ISVs the data needed to identify where to lean in, which territories are most effective, which individuals bring the most deals and where there are gaps and opportunities to grow your engagement.” says Mike Davis, Invisory CRO,  “With opportunity level tracking and roll up reporting, Invisory can help ISVs capture critical information to drive your partner business forward.” 


ISVs on the AppExchange, Microsoft Azure store, AWS marketplace, and additional cloud marketplaces can now access Invisory’s Partner Success Tracker directly from the AppExchange to help make the most of the full partner ecosystem: 

  • Increase partner driven pipeline-understand where opportunities come from at an individual and partner level. 
  • Save alliances teams time and energy-use data to identify where to lean in.
  • Future proof partner programs beyond a single individual- track contacts and engagement for Ecosystem AEs, SEs and SIs inside Salesforce.
  • Provide Executive-level details via the two dashboards and over 20 pre-configured reports in the solution.

With the right team, the right insights and the right guidance, ISVs can up-level their partner programs with a data driven approach that starts in Salesforce. 


Watch a demo today on the AppExchange or contact us to learn more.